How To Create a VeChain Wallet in Madini Android App

You can create a VeChain - Madini wallet using any of the following steps:

Download Madini Android App

Madini Wallet is a light mobile wallet app based on VeChainThor. We have forked VeChain github original code to buid Madini Wallet specific features and completely change the design and usability in Java. We aim to provide users with a powerful, secure, simple, fully functional portal of the Madini VeChainThor blockchain. Main functions include: MDN, VET, VTHO and other Crypto assets management, Balance, Exchange using Nomics API, Graph, Blockchain Inspector to check your transactions status, wallet observation, reward claim, etc. ▪️ Robust Security Protections Madini VeChainThor Wallet bas been undergoing a series of security testing with trusted third party security firms, including functional test, source code review, smart contract audit, session management audit, input security audit, etc. ▪️ Smart Crypto Asset Management Madini wallet provide a secure and effective environment for cryptocurrency transactions. Users can effectively perform MDN and VET token swap/node transfer and observe the balance of your crypto assets. ▪️ Discover DAPP you can find tons of selected DApps within wallet,These DApps built on the VeChainThor blockchain,You can use it directly in your wallet. Download Madini Android App

Using VeChain Sync

Sync is the official desktop wallet from VeChain. It provides seamless experience for users. Madini MDN is part of VeChain blockchain as VIP180 token so any VeChain wallet can operate with it. It is not neccesary to create a new specific wallet. When you purchase MDN, MyTokens will automatically reflect the balance on Sync (see image below). Download Sync that suits your platform here

How long does it take to receive MDN after purchase

You will receive confirmation of your registration and purchase details by email and your orders will appear in your dashboard. Once we have confirmed your payment, MDN will be sent to your wallet and the order status will change. For your security we don't keep private keys, passwords or any other private information. Madini team will never contact you asking for these details.

Can i recover my wallet if i lose my phone?

Yes,only if you either have the Keystore or Mnemonics and the correct password used in wallet creation. Madini team will never contact you asking for these details.

If you do not make an offline backup of your Keystore and Mnemonics you will not be able to recover your account. If you loose your passwords ,Kestore or Mnemonics your account cannot be recovered.

Which Crypto do you accept?

We accept VET, Bitcoins or Ethereum
ImageVET ImageBTC ImageETH