Sam’s Club, a China-based subsidiary of Walmart, has partnered with blockchain-based supply chain management platform VeChain (VET) to trace food […]
I often see people critiquing the VeChain token, disregarding its value proposition but failing to tie together all the pieces […]
VeChain is the world’s leading Enterprise-focused dApp platform run by the VeChain Foundation.  The mission of the VeChain Foundation is: “Building […]
Blockchain consensus models Blockchain is a distributed ledger. New transactions are sent to a pool where they will wait to […]
Madini BlockChain is integrated on The VeChainThor blockchain, that consists of a two-token system. The VeChain Token (VET), which will […]
Why should value chains be transparent? Information asymmetry is an economic concept that describes transactions where one party has more […]
Blockchain is literally a chain of blocks. Blocks contain the digital information about all the marketplace transactions which is represented […]
Based on discussions with Minerals Producest along East Africa, senior government officials and innovation heads of enterprise clients, we identified […]