Madini TZ Industry and Trade

On May, 10th 2021, the project Madin Africa led by Bluegate Business Solutions LTD was organized at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of The United Republic of Tanzania.

Madini Africa TanzaniaThe aim of this event was to present the Madini – Minerals traceability tool with dta verified on the blockchain.  Madini Africa is aimed to build transparent minerals supply chains, regulated transactions, greater ethical sourcing, trust, and sustainability. This solution can help on value-addition and branding of the minerals from Tanzania, enhancing fair rade and price, improving its sales in the world market.  The presentation included detailed technical iformation on how Bluegate TraceChain traceability systems  powered by VeChain Thor has the potential to disrupt and improve many aspects of how Mineral Markets work, and provide trust, transparency, and security to the supply chain.

Madini Africa includes artisans and small-scale miners being part of our inclusive value chain that underpin human health, wellbeing, livelihoods, jobs and sustainable growth.

Our gratitude to Mr Ally Senga, Director of the Department of Trade Integration, Mrs Jerida Kirabuka and Abdilah Lugome for their hospitality and valuable feedback during this sessions. We really appreciate your consideration and guidance.

Madini Africa Tanzania


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